Karla recently joined Baird and Warner after twenty years as Owner and Managing Broker of her own boutique real estate firm. Growing up in a real estate family, Karla appreciates the traditional real estate model of building interpersonal relationships and acquiring market knowledge through longevity in the business; but she also recognizes the role that technology plays in making a broker successful to compete in today’s market. She has helped several clients purchase, rent and sell their homes – from condos and apartments to larger homes, Karla can help you get a return on your real estate investment.

 Karla would argue that now more than ever is it important to work with a professional who knows the entire real estate process.  Karla knows the ins and outs of the Evanston and North Shore market to know what a realistic sale or purchase price is, knows the real estate process, has the negotiation skills to represent her clients well.  In addition, she has built relationships with other real estate professionals making the transaction virtually seamless for her clients.  With her corporate and business background, Karla views herself as a financial consultant with a fiduciary responsibility to each and every client.

Karla helped me find and buy my first home. It was an emotional and important milestone for me and Karla was there every step of the way with her guidance and encouragement. She helped make my dream come true!
Karla is someone who deeply cares about people, community and what is important to you as an individual. Her warm and personal touch makes process that can otherwise be daunting and challenging, very enjoyable and fulfilling. I would highly recommend her services.



Maida Nunez